The stress of Blogging

30 June, 2006 at 5:50 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 2 Comments

Yep, I have officially reached the end of my tether, frustration is rife, and I STILL can’t think of anything to blog….

The kids are in a cultural world of their own; Oliver is keeping them amused (as in the musical). It has to be better and more entertaining than some of the crap they usually watch, like Tonka Tuff Trucks (and yes, I am aware that I purchased that DVD). I also recently obtained a copy of The Princess Bride, in my humble, mainstream and very boring opinion, one of the best movies made…( I also bought a copy of the Blues Brothers). I tell ya, my DVD collection is looking alot more varied now, I have a variety of covers lined up next to the four GNR DVD’s…….(Ah well, some things never change).

 Ahh, the life to live… I also have a complaint about my house, which has been discussed with my landlords extensively. As the temperature in this region is excessively hot or cold, but rarely in between. here’s a sample of the environment in my bedroom….


Yep, things are pretty sad when you put your hands in your fridge to warm them up….

 Anyway, have fun wherever you are; life is too short to buy cheap toilet paper………


How kids learn, chapter two

8 June, 2006 at 11:11 am | Posted in Kidlets | 1 Comment


Picture this. I am in the throes (?) of "Welcome to Fatherhood, crash course 765-Look After the Kids By Yourself".

 I had pre-determined some of the items required to satisfy the potential urges of my children, based simply on the (imagined) urges I seem to recall as I sat in front of Simon Townsends "Wonder World" (pre Catriona Rowntree), and scoffed half a tin of Milo in an afternoon, just before I fed the chooks, watered the garden (all one acre of it), fed the cows and curried (brushed) and fed and watered the horses.


 In anticipation, I purchased lots of things that I thought would do the trick, such as a jar of "Chocolate Flavoured Peanut Butter".

 This was clever planning, as upon tasting, both Children determined that they must have more, and NOW, thanks dad…

 Only to have my two year old son (in my absence- I was currying my daughter at the time (not really, I actually got side-tracked by Tonka Tuff Trucks DVD (and it cost me $15))) decide that Chocolate Flavoured Peanut Butter on toast really didn't cut the mustard, and required some additional flavouring…….

Anthony's idea of an ideal snack....

 Soooo!!! Whilst I managed to stop him from stirring the whole mess (and yes, that is half a gallon of Tomato Sauce) together with the hairbrush, I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried, actually convince him to eat the shit.

 We had Pizza for tea, followed by some Turkish Delight, a quick bath, and bed. And then up again.

And then, some more bed.

Followed by up again…..

Followed by… you get the idea, I am sure.

SO!! either don't buy Chocolate Flavoured Peanut Butter, or don't buy Tomato Sauce.

The choice is yours.

Here endeth the lesson. May the Good Lord guideth thee in the raising of thine children.

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