7 July, 2006 at 8:01 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 8 Comments

WoooHooooo x infinitum.


 So, from minus 3 (or something) in my bedroom, I can honestly say the temperature in my bedroom has cracked DOUBLE (positive) FIGURES!!!!

 On Wednesday night, I purchased a wood fired heater on e-bay, from someone in Yass; picked it up yesterday morning, and installed it today.

I lit it, and within around half an hour, the whole house was warmer than it has been since sometime in April…..

I know that’s probably not something most people would get excited about, but I think I am justified in wanting to wake up without a wet moustache from condensation formed just by breathing…..(you may think at this point that I am trying to be humorous, but for once, there is not an ounce of jest in my statement)


I know it looks cruddy, but tough- as long as it works (and it does) I don’t care.



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  1. Two observations have I:

    1: Nice work on the hearth….

    2: This means there are TWO people in Yass who know how computers and the internets works!!

  2. I think his cousin in Sydney advertised it on his behalf, and communicated a successful sale via Morse Code…..Still only one in Yass…

  3. God bless Ebay. Now available in Yass! We can now honestly say It brings warmth into our lives.

  4. Seebs…. It think it’s time for the creation of….



    that way we can all see what you two are up to…too.

  5. Look out Grunter. It has begun….
    Please don’t be offended by the “Talking Shite” comment like our fragile Gizo did. I was referring to myself…

  6. Ahhh, Seebs… I can give you lessons in talking shit…. And me…..offended…..????

  7. Me… Grasshopper. You… Kung Fu Master!
    BTW. I quite like your little heater. Where’s the Flu?

  8. Flu heads through the tin, into the chimney void, up the chimney, out to polute our lovely clean air….damn………..I hate me….(lol)

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