Weekend entertainment in NSW

15 July, 2006 at 5:38 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 3 Comments

When you are close to broke, and not much to do on Saturday, there are very few options as to what is available to you for entertainment.

 When your next door neighbour asks you to feed her dogs, as she is competing in polocrosse for the NSW team, and you have a horse-loving daughter, you extract promises of good behaviour (from the daughter, the dogs and the next door neighbour), load up the car, and piss off to Jugiong for the day…..

 Pity about the rain, though.  


The vapour cloud around the horses is actually steam; the weather was really crappy, and the horses were working hard. Megz (in the blue shirt, about to catch the ball) is the next door neighbour referred to earlier.

I can’t think of a worse way to spend a weekend; freezing, sleeping in a swag, freezing and getting rained on, driving to the middle of nowhere (at least there is a pub, I suppose, although Megz doesn’t benefit from that as she is 17…)… did I mention freezing? But Tasz got to sit on a horse for a while, Anthony sat on a horse for three and a half seconds before deciding it was too high, and we had a lovely picnic for our troubles (the Yass team had a tarp set up to keep us kind of dry).

I must say, as someone who-once-upon-a-time used to ride, the skills of the guys and girls on these horses is astounding; single hand control, lots of pivoting and sharp stops, as well as controling a ball with a net on the end of a three foot stick-very impressive.



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  1. Mate, that looks friggin awesome! Great shot. It looks like Megz is the only one that can see the ball. The other five seem to be swinging their catchy sticks around hoping to either catch the ball or smack someone off the horse. Oooh, It looks freaky cold!

  2. Cracker of a shot. You may have missed yr calling.
    It could have been worse, you know…. Somehow….
    Intersting new template also, looks quite nice…

  3. The reason for the new template is simple. I couldn’t figure out how to get the sidebars up the top of the page… (I should get a job in IT) and this format lets me put bigger (Dimension) pictures in.

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