Technical Support

19 July, 2006 at 11:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I have decided (in the aim of expediency) to forego my male-based behaviour, and to actually stop and ask for directions…

Hopefully WordPress support will be able to help…

i have also corrected the spelling mistake in the title…



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  1. balls to support! I AM YOUR FIXX0R!!!!

  2. Salaam (i) Salaam (i) I like Salaami! Mr Gizo, I sit in awe of ur fixxor talents. I type nonsensical rubbish in your honor.

    I wish I had a rubber fish,
    for rubber fish are fun,
    they can be good to look at,
    even sitting on a bun.
    I will admit,they don’t taste good
    and are rather hard to chew,
    but are better than…let us say,
    a rancid beef steak stew!

    Now that I have managed to offend soooo many people, I will depart with this final comment……

    Rudyard Kipling is STILL a gerbil…..

    ps. I had to change the final line of the poem; I didn’t want to offend so many people…

  3. You’ve found your calling Grant. Find an illustrator and get those books out there!

  4. I don’t think mrs Gizo would be party to illustrating such purile nonsense….then again….

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