Pre-Spring Spring Clean

30 July, 2006 at 8:23 am | Posted in Kidlets | 4 Comments

Yesterday was a glorious day; sunshine, gentle breeze, temperature in the low-mid teens (C) and a filthy house.

It’s now clean. Cupboards scrubbed, floors vacuumed, fridge cleaned , sheets changed etc. etc.

I forgot how much damage kids can do in half an hour…..(I’ve spent half an hour trying to upload a picture of my lounge room, with the couch and chairs relocated, and a collection of blankets spread between them in the attempt to create a tent. With Blankets and matresses and pillows, the lounge now looks a shambles, but the picture turns into a pixelated mess-it looks like my whole lounge room is a sexual predator on TV….. Maybe I should change my blogname….)

Β  img_0393.jpg

Now it’s working. Stupid thing. I hate computers….



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  1. Congrats on your Summer-Clean! It’s great whenever the cleaning mood hits and you can actually take advantage of it. Usually happens to me when I’m procrastinating about something else.

  2. Ta BDF, but it’s still winter down here….It’s a real struggle trying to keep the house warm when I have the kids over (every fortnight).I don’t mind it for me so much-I have lots of natural insulation, but for two kids (6 & 2 years old), it’s pretty important that they don’t go home with a cold….(the ex would bring it up ever possible opportunity….)

  3. Ah yes, in this Texas heat I’d forgotten it could be chilly anywhere in the world πŸ™‚ Cute kids.

  4. Thanks for that, Bluedragonfly. I tend to agree about the cuteness of my kids, although I may be slightly biased….a bit…..maybe…. πŸ™‚

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