The Cleaning Frenzy continues…..

30 July, 2006 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

My Daughter (Natasza), has told me she would like to clean my car twice a week. And her mother’s car twice a week. I gently disuaded her from making promises that would ensure she has no free time for the rest of her life (she’s 6). But I relented and let her wash my car today, even though it is not warm outside, and I get carwashes for free….but as I said, she’s 6, and wants to help (and, as she watches me writing this blog, she reminds me that pocket money is to be paid for services rendered).

So I part with $2 (Tight-ass, aren’t I? I did ask her what she thought washing my car was worth, and she only asked for a dollar, so a 100% increase in requested remuneration is fair, don’t you think?), and the car is washed with vivaciousness and abundant enthusiasm.

I’m happy.


Except with WordPress. Why does it take SO FREAKIN’ LONG to get photo’s to show properly?



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  1. Is that 2 bucks per car wash or 2 bucks a week? If the kids are coming down to Melbourne with you and want some extra spending money, our car will be waiting. Mr Seebs will be happy to sweeten the deal. A big fat four bucks! Holiday rates only… We wouldn’t want it effecting the awesome arrangement you’re getting at home.

  2. It’s two bucks a wash, but the problem with 6yo car washers are rife: they can’t reach the roof, or more than half-way up the bonnet or boot, and they miss bits. Several times. I don’t care though, as I said, I can go through any shell carwash and it comes off my car lease, and getting Tasz excited about things that we would consider work is worth it. I know that in a few years, I’ll ask her to wash my car and she’ll tell me to get stuffed, or fork out ten dollars. I can’t wait til she asks to mow the lawns….

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