And to Natasza as well

2 August, 2006 at 12:45 pm | Posted in Kidlets | 9 Comments

Natasza (for those that don’t know, it is pronounced Natasha, but the spelling is Polish).

Nearly SEVEN years old (my how time flies), is horse mad, loves and antagonises her brother endlessly, and is a great kid.

Evidently, was found by my ex-next-door-neighbour on top of the 8 foot tall chookshed I built at the Ex’s house (whilst it was still my house). With Anthony.


Haven’t discussed that one with her yet, but will do so when she gets home from school. (BTW, the chookshed has chookwire covering the top as well as the sides, all in an effort to keep feral cats out. I obviously did a reasonable job with it, although how easy it was for them both to get up there is beyond me….)

 She is also going to be a knock-out when she gets older-I have my shotgun chosen and ready to buy to keep all those mongrel Yass boys away…..



WordPress is even worse now-the top photo looks like a pixelated mess, whilst the bottom one uploaded fine….



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  1. Chook shed is nothing. My boss’s 3 year old climbed over the 6 foot side fence to their property, and kept going. Made it four houses down before his mum found him….

  2. Don’t leave your car keys lying around…

  3. Giz, when I was two, I evidently went walkabout in the raw, and managed to cross Stud Road twice in the process…and it was busy back then too. (That’d be 1974-5, but I think it was still a single lane each way in Scoresby back then- If mum reads this, she can confirm)

    Seebs; I won’t start teaching her to drive for at least three years….maybe five. Whenever it is they introduce fingerprint scanning technology into cars….(they have it on IBM Laptops now; why not cars?)

  4. I love her expression in the photographs — looking ‘wise beyond her years’ or perhaps she knows some thing she’s not telling.

  5. Yeah, the top one is definately an “I’ve been on top of the chookshed and you don’t know it” look. And the bottom one is “Tomorrow, I plan to be on top of the chookshed”. Or maybe not… 😉

  6. Were you in Melbourne for the weekend homeboy?

  7. Yup-still on for Friday?

  8. Really nice photo’s. She looks adorable.

    Carpe Diem

  9. Thanks for that Natasza, I think so too!! (I am slightly biased, however)

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