Here’s to Anthony

2 August, 2006 at 10:43 am | Posted in Kidlets | 5 Comments

My son. 2 and a half. Knows everything. Cutest boy in the whole world (yes I’m biased). Totally ignorant. Loves Oliver (The musical) to bits. (A pity my TV died last week. I have managed to get it working today (for the time being), but occasionally the screen blacks out, which is very frustrating. )

 Back to Anthony. Loves his sister, and constantly emulates her (yes, including wearing dresses and shoes for girls), and pretends to be riding a horse when running. Gets all excited over purple and pink things.



 Soon I’ll do a similar entry for Natasza, just so I’m fair….



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  1. He’s growing up so fast. Are they both coming down to Melbourne with you?

  2. As it turns out, I am coming down this weekend (probably leaving Friday PM)until Sunday 13th, but I won’t be bringing the kids down until Christmas time, when I plan to stay in Melbourne for a couple of weeks.

  3. BTW Seebs, I should bring my 10sp. racer down, and we can go mountain bike riding, if you like (LOL)

  4. see you then. I’ll save some nappies for you to fold if you like….
    looking forward to meeting the kidlets again, christmas will be fun.

  5. Very cute pics mate!!

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