The tank’s just arrived….who’s got the beer???

22 August, 2006 at 5:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Thank you, Giz, for that marvellous plan in comments from the previous post.

 Marvellous. Bloody Marvellous.

 BTW, guys, I’m happy to go for the watertank full of beer thing, but the three of us in it naked??? I may have some issues with that…



Nahhhh. Who cares!!!

Oh yeah, Melbourne’s my preference, but if you guys want coopers or carlton, happy to go with that too…Speaking of Coopers; how quick can you two get to Yass, P&P? We’re having a watertank filled with beer, and are goin’ swimmin’!!!




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  1. Look at it…. It’s just begging to be filled!

  2. You could all the ingredients of a good cocktail inside and hen roll it down a hill. Not shaken or stirred, but rolled. Mmmm….rolled…

  3. Antman, If these ideas keep getting any better, I just won’t know what to do….

  4. I forsee an interesting situation here… three people (five if Paul and I come along), a tank full of beer and only two holes in the tank for heads to stick out from… This could be problematic…

    Can you scuba dive in beer?

    ps we’ll bring some Singha to help fill the tank! Not a bad drop and only 50 Baht (=AUD 1.78) for a longneck from the 7-11 across the street.

  5. Ahhh…I have a rather large can opener (Angle Grinder) that will alleviate that problem…(get that smile off your face)

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