14 September, 2006 at 12:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Ahhh…. Holidays… time to relax, make a start on the spring cleaning, knowing that summer is just around the corner.

I am sitting here just after midnight, knowing that I have a responsibility to post something, but just can’t quite get my head around what.

I have invested in a Mongoose Pro mountain bike, which I purchased from my local Cashies, and Seebs, in his infinite desire to be helpful, straightened the front wheel for me (for which I am almost eternally grateful) and after a bit of adjustment to the brakes, I can now actually stop the bike in a reasonable distance.

 The hard part is actually getting on the thing and riding it. I have around 15-20 kg’s I want to lose (without altering my oh-so-healthy diet) and “tone-up” the flab that was once a prime specimen of…. scrawny, underweight, (yet healthy) teenager.

It’s been over 13 years since I was a teenager, and with the addition of around 45-50kg’s in that time,the task may seem a little unachievable. I can hope. I could also stop drinking litres of coke and/or beer, but I just don’t think the will power will see me through that. My distorted way of thinking is this:- if I do enough excercise, I can eat WTF I want, drink WTF I want, and still lose weight.

 And I believe that spring is the time to start.

I also need to give up the fags (he says with a butt hanging out of his mouth right now).

Oooohhhh…. that line is NASTY (stop smiling coops)

Cigarettes. I have the book. I will read it in the not too distant future. You’d think having lost several much-loved people to the dreaded “C” that I would give up smoking as a matter of course. I always was….ummm whats the word I’m looking for?? It means I do the opposite of what I know is good for me/right thing to do/…..oh, that’s it…. STUPID…nah, there is another word, and I think it starts with ‘a’, but can’t be sure..

Anyway, The aim this spring/summer is to quit the smokes, and get a little bit slimmer. And a lot fitter.

Wish me luck- G



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  1. luck wished.
    first tip to quit smoking: throw away what you have, and dont buy any more.

    first tip for fitness: hook the PS up to a bike-powerd generator, so that in order to play, you need to pedal. BAM!

  2. I have your back G-man! Quitting isn’t easy. In my case, my weaknesses are visits from yourself, Nadine and Mr & Mrs Antman (When they were in Oz of course).
    Have fun on your treddly. I hope you catch the bug!

  3. Ah, you’re experiencing spring as falls begins for us here. Something about the change in temperature that does make a difference though. I think the beginning of ‘fall’ (mind you, it’s still ridiculously hot here) and a non-working car helped me start biking again. Seriously, not having any other form of transportation is the best way to start exercising!

  4. BDF- I agree totally. If I didn’t have a car, I would be forced to get fit very very quickly. I live around 18klms (11 Miles)from the nearest bus stop, and it is 60 klms (37 miles) from there to work. Even the driveway where I live is nearly a mile and a half long! As for the temperature, we are still having nights that are just above freezing (around 1-2 degreed C.), but the days are absolutely luscious. We need some rain, though, as I am on tank water, and my tank is almost empty…

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