Lazy bastard

10 October, 2006 at 8:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

last night, I was on the phone to Seebs, who made comment about the fact that I haven’t blogged for a long time. I had just told him about my latest purchase (Gran Turismo2), and indicated my desire to get my first WRX by the end of the night. I promised that I would blog something last night, but I :

a) forgot

b)couldn’t be stuffed

c) was deliberately lying

d) fell into bed with a 5’9″ blonde and became otherwise occupied 

Please submit your answer in the comments. Correct Entries will win a prize!!!!



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  1. all of the above. Except for (d).

  2. Does 5’9″ refer to height or circumference? Just checking. 🙂

  3. Giz, it can’t be all of the above, cos if I forgot, I couldn’t deliberately be lying. Honest!

    Coops, ummmm…. I am lost for words. For once. well done!!!!

  4. …and I promised to read your blog last night. What happened? I:
    a) forgot
    b) couldn’t be stuffed
    c) was deliberately lying
    d) fell into bed with a 5′ 4″ brunette and became otherwise occupied

    (watching top gear episodes on the iPod perhaps)

  5. Is Mrs Seebs 5′ 4″? I thought she was 5′ 6″! ahh well, don’t matter I suppose. Any news on the Hamster? Is he getting better?

  6. Grunter: First off, you could have been lying to Seeber, and then gone on to completely forget it, after not being stuffed for a few hours.

    Also, on the Hamster, there has been video footage released of the crash.

  7. Aparently he’s back home, walking and talking. It’s quite incredible really after the scale of the accident. They have resumed filming series 9 without him. Apparently he was annoyed when he heard they were witholding the series until he was fit to return.

  8. The morale of the story?

    NEVER annoy a Hamster…

  9. Ohh, and coops, the well done was for placing me in a dumbfounded state (tasmania), not well done for once. Does that make any sense? FIIK…

  10. Giz, I must apologise for not responding to yr comment. That video of the hamster crash is f’n awesome!!! I can understand how easily the accident would have occured. Those Drag type cars have very little in the way of manouverability.

  11. I’m about 5’9″. If I dye my hair can I have the WRX.

    But with all due respect I’ll take the couch

  12. Loved the video Gizo.

    At one stage….. I was crying….. from laughter

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