The most cultured person in Yass

15 October, 2006 at 12:56 am | Posted in Artsy stuff | 6 Comments

Tonight I expanded on my cultural development by attending the theatre.

As some of you may be aware, in the earlier part of this year, I was invited to audition for an amateur production of The Full Monty. I did, and was cast in a couple of roles, the main one being the worlds worst stripper. At which I succeded admirably (including searching for belly button lint, and pulling a wedgie out of my ass whilst “auditioning” to join the main group of strippers). The second was a priest conducting a funeral- a very somber affair, yet the eulogy was funny, and it was quite difficult to maintain my demeanor whilst the  audience was laughing.

As a result of my role in The Full Monty, I know quite a few of the cast in the show I saw tonight, “The Boyfriend”.

Set in the twenties, but written in the fiftys, it is a flippant look at life in that era, and a classic love story. Rich girl meets rich boy, but both pretend that they are actually paupers; the girls father refuses to let her have a boyfriend, but the boarding school madame reminds the father of a fling the two of them had when they were younger, so the father relents and it all ends rather happily.

 The singing (it is a musical) was very good, the dancing was lovely to watch, and overall an enjoyable night. I went with a couple of people who were involved in TFM, and another thespian.

 After the show, we stuck around until the cast came out from the dressing rooms, and we had a few bevvies, and chatted for a while. The cameraderie of the cast was great to see, and gets me wanting to audition for the next show they are doing, The Buddy Holly Story. I would love to audition, and probably will, but I am not to sure if there is a role for a beer bellied goatee wearing thugish looking person. Maybe there is a musically talented truck driver in it….Then again, maybe not.


(BTW-for those that don’t know, the glasses and the white spray paint are all part of the costume-I am told it looked good on stage….but it was a bastard trying to see anything through those glasses!!)



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  1. maybe theres a scene were buddy imagines what his life would have been like if he hadn’t discovered music…..

  2. As in- “Buddy Holly; America’s Favourite Truck Driver…listen to him sing over the CB all day long!”

  3. You look quite the serious priest!

  4. The Fyshwick movie scene’s hot right now… They’re always casting and I’m sure you’d find good comraderie there too. Just keep your options open, that’s all…

  5. It was great to see the show with you. Glad you enjoyed it too.


  6. Michael, I have spoken to Dave Smith about “the photo”…nudge nudge, wink wink…

    ….Hi Jewels…

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