Chocolate and Headaches

17 October, 2006 at 6:52 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 17 Comments

I LOVE chocolate. Always have, and always will.

 I have always suffered from headaches, with a major part of my daily intake consisting of Paracetamol tablets. I saw plenty of Doctors, who all blamed it on residual effects of a serious motorbike accident I had in 1994. I didn’t break any bones, I didn’t even break any skin, but I managed to scramble the eggs significantly.

The proper name is Cerebral Contusions, which is a fancy-assed way of saying “Brain Bleeds”. It took me a good couple of years to get back to “normalcy”, although those that know me may beg to differ.

The end result was the equivalent of having a stroke at the age of 20. No memory, no social skills, poor motor skills, and a poor choice in remedies (copious amounts of Mary Jane-what a dickhead).

However, I am back to “normal”, and life is good. Except for these fricken headaches.

I did discover, around 12 months ago, that if I ate chocolates, the headaches increased correspondingly (yes, I know, how come I didn’t pick that up before…blah blah), so I stopped eating chocolate.

The headaches went away. Not eased off, but went away.

Just before last christmas, my boss, two rungs up the deparmental ladder, gave everyone in his section some high cocoa content chocolate frogs. Maybe it was psychosomatic, but half an hour later, I could hardly stand up because my head was hurting so bad. I have since tested this theory again, by denying myself chocolate for weeks at a time and then partaking in a small amount of chocolate.

And so now, my life is chocolate free.

And today, for the first day in God knows how long, I have a headache.  And to those of you to know me well, you will be pleased to know that yesterday was the first day in a while that I have abstained from alcohol consumption.

So, to alleviate the discomfort and pain associated with a headache, I have invested in a carton of Victoria Bitter cans.

And some Panadol.

Anything to kill this pain.



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  1. If pains consists, see you local bottleshop.

  2. Just in case you care, I am reading this with a beer and some chocolate, and I FEEL GREAT!!!

  3. Seebs: that works for me

    Giz: **** ***** and **** if you ****. so there

  4. Hhmmm….. or should I say persists. (dumbass)

  5. Nah- If pain consists (of a lack of alcohol), see your local bottleshop.

  6. I feel great pity for you leading a chocolate free lifestyle, but I am glad that you can rationalise self medicating with that most essential of nutritional requirements – Vitamin B.

  7. we have something in common: i love chocolates and i suffer from headaches too! well, just a milder version of cerebral contusion though, ‘bloody migraines’! LoL 😀

  8. Interestingly, your problem is suffered by a lot of soliers in Iraq – in their case it tends to be caused by shock waves from explosions. At least you’ve found a medication that works!

  9. Mr Angry, maybe CUB should sponsor the….naah- forget I said’s just that they sponsor everything else

  10. And sorry, Mayang, I didn’t mean to be rude and ignore you…but headaches are a pain, alright, but I think this one is indicative of impending flu… I woke up this morning feeling really crappy.

    And welcome to my blog!

  11. I’m sorry about the headaches keeping you from chocolate consumption — at least you’ve found some good headache medication 🙂 I’ve gone through the same issue with sugar — it’s amazing how untreated cavities will keep you from cookies with sugar-frosting.

  12. Hey there Gruntski,

    I’m new to your site and to the blog world. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts since I stumbled on your site a couple of weeks ago.

    What about chocolate syrup?

  13. BDF- I understand where you are coming from-headaches v’s toothaches….no winner there, I don’t think… Maybe I should eat all the sugar frosting, and you could eat all the chocolate…

    Cassingle- To be quite honest, I haven’t tried chocolate syrup- not that much of a fan to risk the consequences. And I am glad you have enjoyed my somewhat tedious blogging. Welcome!! 🙂

  14. And BDF-Go to the dentist!!!

  15. Dude, you’re getting like so famous right now…

  16. Yeah…one day, I’ll have more than fifty one hits….(I don’t suppose that’s too bad for someone who writes about general rubbish)

  17. I did finally go to the dentist a few months ago and got all my cavities filled. And although I sometimes indulge in excessively sugary foods, I’m still a little scared of them. But if you like, I’ll eat chocolate on your behalf.

    And your fifty one hits beats me by one 🙂

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