My Little Girl

19 October, 2006 at 9:27 pm | Posted in Kidlets, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Yesterday, my daughter and my ex went to the Australian National Zoo and Aquarium, as Natasza received a couple of free passes for her seventh (OMG-Already!!!!) birthday.

This “tour” featured such things as:



 feeding honey to a bearimg_a1121.jpg



playing with a snake or two





feeding meat to a lioness





feeding carrots to a giraffe


You reckon she wasn’t happy????

Ahhhh….kids of today…especially kids with well-off Godparents…



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  1. Are you sure that’s a bear, not her dad? 😉
    Looks like a crazy public servant to us traffic-haters….
    So, did she enjoy it or not? I don’t quite understand you…?

  2. What a great day. She’ll remember that day with Dad for the rest of her life.

    Can you take me to Werribee Zoo in November for my 32nd birthday Grunski?

  3. Giz- she was ecstatic. loved the day, but was tired and grumpy when she got to my place (to pick Anthony up)

    Seebs- She was with her mother…sorry.. And I would have loved to have gone, but unfortunately, it wasn’t an option- I had to look after Anthony, and there was no way the ex was going to let me go in her stead.

    And werribee zoo sucks. And in case I forget when the time comes (14th, isn’t it?), yppah yadhtrib.

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