At the request of the Master

24 October, 2006 at 8:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments


 It has been requested (by Mr Gizo) that I post. And so I shall.

The weather in Yass is quite nice; lots of blue sky, and sunny days, with not much rain in the forecast period.

And that sucks.

 There was no spring this year. It seems the weather went from minus temperatures (celcius) at night to positive 5-10 degree nights with no transition. The drought seems to be exacerbated by the fact that the normal “Storm Season” doesn’t appear to exist this year either. Typically, NSW experiences lots of storms during this quarter (September to November) yet we have had one storm, with over 4000 lightning strikes in NSW, and Yass received 2.2 mm of rain. And that is equivalent to around 33.5 seconds of shower time, when you are on tank water.

I know (because I am cynical about these things) that I will pay money to have my water tank filled, and the next day, it will rain like there is no tomorrow- last year, I paid $186 to have my tank filled, and the next day, we had two inches (50mm) of rain.

 Damn Global Warming. Damn droughts.

 And now for something completely different;

I went to a friends place last night, and we stayed up late (2.45am) drinking beer and talking shit.

I didn’t go to work today.



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  1. huzzah! why not pay to get th tank half-filled, and then wait a week?
    or better yet, move to a town where there is water.
    my folks were over last night, as you know, and they regailed us with 2 stories of times their car had broken down in Yass when we were toddlers. One dead transmission, and one falling out windscreen. Crazy.

  2. Hopefully Murphy’s Law won’t come into effect with getting your water tank filled — unfortunately, for myself, it often does. (Not with water tanks per se, just everything else).

    Sounds like a good night though — did you enjoy your day off? or was it a sick day somehow related to your good night? Or?

  3. We had some more lightning strikes this morning, but again no rain. And Murphy’s law (in general) sucks, but applies to way too many things.

    And yes, the day off was a direct result of my over-indulgence the night before. I still managed to get some work done at home, though, so it wasn’t a wasted day.

  4. i could have sworn i posted something. ah well.
    huzzah for taking sick days. I just clocked up 1000 sick hours owing.
    *cough*, i’m feeling a little poorly all of a sudden…

  5. …and on a SCHOOL NIGHT! tsk tsk.

  6. Turns out, seebs, that my little stay at home thingy might be indicative of something ***more sinister***. I saw the Doc today, who said my glands are up (the ones in my throat, naughty boy) and sent me to a nurse to have lots of bodily fluids drained for testing. Blood, seebs, blood. And she was a pretty nurse, too!!! And the insertion (of the bodily fluid extractor)didn’t hurt a bit, either. I like painless insertions.

  7. Mmmmmmm insertions

  8. Mmmmmmmmm you might want to quarantine that last comment

  9. Mmmmmmmm

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