…when you’ve got your staff and staff managers right, the outcome of that will be breeding…

2 November, 2006 at 9:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Ahhh… they joys of selective quotations…

The title of this post is actually an excerpt from a piece in the Sydney Morning Heralds website(to do with elephants, believe it or not…).

I think it’s funny, particularly as it could relate to hundreds/thousands of workplaces across the world.

But then again, I tend to have a perverted view on things…



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  1. Perhaps they can use that to control population 🙂 Put mismatched people in staff/staff manager positions to decrease it, and match them well to increase it. No one will know what’s hit them!

  2. Heh… a breeding program for the world!!!! Simple in theory, but then again, human behaviour would probably mean that it wouldn’t work anyway. Some people would prefer a shag with someone they don’t “match with” than go without altogether…hmmmm…

  3. … no comment … (You still coke-free, sir?)

  4. Full strength Coke free, yes. Coke Zero, 1.2lts in two days (600ml each day)
    Water, heaps. Beer…well, to be honest, heaps, but as I said, Monday is D-Day… I have to psych myself up… which I am doing admirably ( I am actually getting excited about not smoking)

  5. for the UNIX geeks out there, you should try s/Coke Zero/zero Coke/
    You’re are off to a good start though. It’s good to drop the booze and the smokes together, as I (and others) have found it quite tough to not smoke when yr all pissy.
    Keep looking forwards mang, that’s the way…

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