Schoolgirl beats off kidnapper

6 November, 2006 at 6:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

It just gets better doesn’t it. You would think that someone would proof read these headlines before publishing them, even on the interweb. I mean the story is quite serious, and the end result is good, but to run it in the paper with a title like that?

Gotta be deliberate, I reckon.



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  1. I didn’t spot that until you pointed it out. I say the problem lies in your mind. Probably the lack of sugar getting to you….

  2. Yep. I am well on my way in my lifelong ambition to become a dirty old man.

  3. take care with that diet, give up the coke/booze/cigs and you’ll live to be a dirty old man of 100…

  4. second day smoke free….and I haven’t injured anyone yet….

  5. well done! though the “yet” does concern me somewhat…

  6. Took me a second, but yes, someone must have been laughing over at the newspaper.

  7. @Vetti – stress free, for the moment, so all is good

    @BDF – I think, BDF, that it depends on your sense of humour. And mine’s pretty bad, but it still took a few seconds for it to click in my mind too… but there are people at my work (government) who got it straight away…(dirty, dirty men….I have a lot to learn!!!)


  8. all it takes is practice i think to recognize these things but there’s nothing more fun than puns and double entendres even if they sometimes require a little thinking (yes, i’m a dork)

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