Grunt The Builder ( umm…maybe..where’s the chainsaw?)

18 November, 2006 at 7:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

In May of this year, I was involved in a musical production of The Full Monty. I had a couple of different roles (The worlds funniest, inept and uncoordinated stripper (I was a shoe-in for the role) and an obnoxious priest).

I was also, as a result of some previous cabinet-making experience in a former (pre adulthood) life, designated as set-builder for the production. This involved alot of weekend work, design, volunteer management and general chaos with power tools.

That turned out ok, the sets stayed together for the duration of the show (three weeks), and looked like they were supposed to look… I think that’s how they were supposed to look, anyway.

 One of the cast members (person K) was so impressed with my set making ability, that shortly after the run of the show, she contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in building her (three children) a cubby house. I thought, at the time, that it was (theatrical)  flattery about the sets, and not a real request for my services.


 I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by person K, who again asked if I would like to build a cubby. I had, to be honest, completely forgotten about it.

 Today was day one. Plan discussions, plan alterations and altercations (not really, but is looks good when it’s written down) and an excuse to buy a decent hammer.

I also was able to use my newly acquired Ryobi cheap-as-shit drill. I was using it to screw 10cm (4″)  self tapping screws into Oregon. The poor little thing was just about melting in my hands. On four seperate occasions I had to stop for a break so I could actually use the drill again without burning my hands. When I had finished, it blew more smoke than Gizo’s old Galant ever did.

This bloody thing is going to be a palace, by the time it’s finished; pitched lazerlite polybicarbonate roof, timber paling walls, hardwood timber decking floors, fully functional sash window and central heating….well, maybe not the sash window.

So far, I have built the base. Cut up some oregon, screwed in 20 screws and cooked one drill. 

And they offered to pay me by the hour!!! (Current rate, I told them, is $1.20 an eight hour day. They owe me 40 cents) 

Back tomorrow for some more building…


ps. I will post a photo of the finished product. (Based on progress so far, you should check back in  late 2021. I might have it finished by then)



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  1. Little will this kids be able to fully appreciate the work that’s gone into their cubby 🙂

  2. Hey mate! I was looking forward to hearing about the cubby, well done for getting it started!! Hey I have an idea about payment… forget this $1.20 businesss…. get them to buy you a decent drill and call it evens!

  3. Hammertime!

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