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13 January, 2007 at 10:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Mr Angry has left the country. That’s right, he’s off visiting our trans-tasman neighbours, inflicting his general angriness on the Kiwis.

And I have attempted to partially fill Mr Angry’s shoes whilst he’s away, by recording several vlogs a few weeks back, the first of which has made an appearance at Mr Angry’s site.

Feel free to have a look, and any comments that you would like to leave can be either left here, or on Mr Angry’s site.

 I’ll update this page when each of the other two vlogs have been posted on Mr Angry’s site.

 Video Blog #1 posted 13/01/07

Video Blog #2 posted 15/01/07

Video Blog #3 posted 18/01/07



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  1. Hey Gruntski,
    So missing that Aussie accent in NC.
    Fucked headedness – Geez I miss home!

  2. Thx, Ridgiewick, for having a look…. There’s more Aussieness coming over the next few days on the Mr Angry site- I’ll post new links as they come up.

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