(Almost) everyone’s stopped blogging…

19 January, 2007 at 5:14 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 9 Comments

I have noticed a decline in the number of posts from the blog pages I regularly check, and I don’t know why. I gave Lost in the Quotidian a bit of a stir, and Bluedragonfly responded with an apology, and several blogs (all of which are entertaining reading, and very well written (IMHO)).

 Treddly West, The Next 38 Hours (Antman) and gizoisbug are all terribly behind in their blog entries.

But I understand. Sometimes (most of the time) I find it hard to write a blog, simply because I have nothing to write about.  Yet I keep checking blog sites, looking for some new information, desperately seeking entertainment, news or anything, really.

 Yep, living in the country is the way to go….

PS- Please check out the links in the entry two below this one, to all three vid’s I did for Mr Angry. Let me know what you think!!!



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  1. It seems to me Gruntski, that you are feeling just a little bit down. Maybe you should get a life other than blogging or perhaps concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. I am sure there are people out there in “Blogging Land” that would swap their life for yours in an instant.

  2. Not down at all, just wondered why ppl have stopped blogging. Some, I know the reasons for. Others, I have no idea. and thought a gentle prod might get them blogging again.

  3. busy.
    new job. obviously my old job didn’t require as much effort.

    oh, and the hardman is teething. and it’s been bloody hot.

    i miss the blogging land too.

    once a week i get the time to fire up google reader, and ‘mark all as read’, then shut it down again.
    except for this post, which caught my eye. well done.
    keep up the vlogging, matey boy.
    better far to live and die… eh?

  4. Under the brave black flag I fly,

    than play a sanctimonious part,

    with a pirate head, and a pirate heart….

  5. loving your vlogging…swing by anytime, i’m still posting 😀

  6. Cheers, Vetti- I check your blog all the time, and think the pics and posts that you have put up are tre cool! Keep up that great bloggin’!!!

  7. 😀 fanks gruntski! ( blushing )

  8. Your not blushing (really)??? And even if I were so horrendously busy that I didn’t have time to…I dunno… mow the lawns, I’d still check ur blog.

    so there.

  9. Actually, maybe it’s your fault my lawns need mowing, come to think of it!!!

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