Update on Neighbours pets…

21 January, 2007 at 5:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Those of you who have checked out my vlogs on Mr Angry’s site will know about Megan’s dog, Willy.

 Here is an update on that situation…



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  1. i think this counts as justifiable homicide…

  2. Or would that be “doggicide”?

    I showed this vlog to Justin last night, and when he saw the footage of Willy barking, he said “I don’t hear him (from his house)- I had no idea it was that bad”…

    We’ll see what happens

  3. I believe there are collars which spray citronella or the like, whenever the dog barks – thus relieving the owner of constantly having to be present to …”hit the button” You may be able to acquire one through the Canine Association ( or its equivalent )in your state.
    Hope this helps – I wouldn’t like you to be accused of doggicide or mutt-murder.

  4. @$242 a collar….thanks, but a .22 bullet is only $0.40c…. 😉

  5. check ’em out- theres heaps of options for dog collars…but it ain’t my dawg…


  6. I think a citronella spray in the owner’s face every time the dog barks would do wonders.

  7. lol….

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