Suprise Suprise!!!

26 January, 2007 at 4:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

What a morning. I love adrenalin rushes first thing in the morning…



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  1. Hmm… he looks kinda mean, but doesn’t seem to have the energy to do much about his situation (assuming lizards don’t particularly enjoy being held by humans). What the hell would he do in the wild if under attack?

  2. Their scales are fairly thick, and they are quite strong. And I doubt they’d taste very good, even to a fox. As you can see they’re fairly big, and the average brown snake/black snack isn’t bothered with them. When I walked outside to find this one on the verandah, the cat was sitting under the car about six feet away, and showed no interest in the lizard at all.

  3. there’s a lizard living in my garage. scared the crap outta me when i met him the first time…

  4. have you named him yet?

  5. Tasz wanted to call him Scamper. Personally, naming lizards something other than Lizzie stretches the imagination, particularly on a Sunday. I like to think of Sunday as my imagination-free day.

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