Breakfast at Gruntski’s

27 January, 2007 at 8:59 am | Posted in General Stuff, Kidlets, Vlogs | 6 Comments

My son has some very strange preferences. He likes pink handbags, pink tutu’s and high heeled shoes.  He (also) suffers some confusion when it comes to his gender.

When the kids and I were in Melbourne over Christmas, Anthony proudly declared “I am a GIRL… I got BOOBIES!!!”.

You can’t argue with logic like that

And this morning, for breakfast, I gave the children a tub of yoghurt each. Natasza went the Vanilla option, whilst Anthony opted for Strawberry.

I thought they had finished the yoghurt when Anthony asked for some salami. I was wrong.



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  1. Children are such a delight. Usually there is no pretense with them, so enjoy them while they are young.
    Who knows, they may even manufacture a salami flavoured yoghurt or a strawberry flavoured salami.
    Anthony may just have stumbled onto the next big fad in fast food.

  2. Maybe, but somehow, I doubt it… 🙂

  3. I like kids. They are alive. Society has yet to take their soul away and make them grumpy and boring like I’m struggling not to be.

  4. i reckon if anthony took his snack concept to japan or some folks like mojo’s weird pizza, he’d be onto something big

  5. Mmmm delicious! Kind of like something you might expect a pregnant woman to crave 🙂

  6. Well, I could understand with the salami/yoghurt thing if it was greek yoghurt. But I think strawberry yoghurt was pushing the boundaries of good taste just a bit. Particularly as the salami was Hot Danish Salami, with a very tangy, spicy taste.

    (Natasza used to suck Wasabi paste straight out of a tube, and Anthony likes hot salami…. there is no accounting for the tastes of children, really)

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