Kids and horses

3 February, 2007 at 7:49 am | Posted in Kidlets | 9 Comments

When my kids found out I was riding horses, they (Natasza in particular) kept asking me if they could go for a ride as well. Luckily, the owners of the horse I ride are really nice people, and they agreed that my children could come and have a ride on “Dooba”, with the proviso that I didn’t sue their asses off if there were any injuries… No injuries, but lots of smiling, happy faces. It’s just a bit of a pity Anthony hardly saw anything of his ride-we didn’t have a helmet small enough for him.





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  1. Happy days! So are they nagging you to buy them a pony yet?

  2. But of course… I don’t have a paddock to call my own, so they are going to have to wait…

  3. would be great if Natasza could get thru the pink phase and the pony phase simultaneously, then you’ve just got crushes to deal with 🙂

  4. If only it were that simple. She already has several “boyfriends”. And then there is the repetetive music repetetive music repetetive music (annoying, isn’t it?). And I don’t think the pony phase is going to disappear, somehow. Every time she comes to my house, all she wants to do is go and see the horses. But it’s a better hobby than some, I suppose (says he, reaching for another beer…)

  5. Good point. Are you familiar with the Jonathan Richman song “Since she Started To Ride” ? The lyrics may interest you.

  6. I didn’t, but now I do (thanks google). And my wallet ain’t that fat…

  7. […] there is a picture of a child on a horse […]

  8. I have the opposite problem of the little bloke. It’s quite hard to find helmets big enough to fit my big boof head.

  9. I’m much the same- I have to use a helmet with the soft lining stripped out. It’s not comfortable, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

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