WTF is Gruntski up to?

14 February, 2007 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments


All’s I can tell you now is that it is black tie (der!!!) , involves 15 single females, and the Hyatt here in Canberra…

More tomorrow…



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  1. This is SO COOL!! 🙂

  2. don’t tell me, you’re going to be the mc at a d&d ball ? security for a bunch of debs ?

  3. I look like one of the guys in that comedy show from pommy land…just can’t remember what it was called….

  4. Hale and Pace!!! Now I gotta remember which one..

  5. Ummm…. you’re just popping down to the supermarket but everything else was in the wash?

  6. hale, for sure. the taller one, with the goatee.

  7. Look out Ladies,

    Grrrrrrrruntskiiiiii’s in da house!

  8. Bond – James Bond perhaps?

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