And the winner is…..Camp Quality!!!

15 February, 2007 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

Yesterday morning, I jumped into my car to go to work, backed out the driveway, and turned on the radio. And there were all these women ringing the radio station, claiming single-ness, and a lack of Valentines Day festivities.

A local Real Estate agent had arranged a Valentines Day Charity Ball, to be held Valentines Evening at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra, and one of the sponsors of the event, The Home Loan Centre, had purchased an entire table (10 seats @ $150 each) to be “won” by single people calling the radio station.

 Hence all the women on the radio yesterday morning.

I vaguely listened, and thought “Why aren’t any men calling up too?”

Followed closely by “Why aren’t I calling up too?”

 So I did.

The end result: I attended the formal Richard Luton Properties Camp Quality Charity Ball at the Hyatt Hotel, in nearby Canberra. And I was the designated “date” of nine (I thought it was fifteen, but I’m not complaining) women for this event.

 And, you guessed it (pun definitely intended), I had a ball….

(Camp Quality is an organisation that arranges camps and fun-filled events for victims of Childhood Cancer, and their families)img_1949a.jpg



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  1. That’s one happy Gruntski! 😀

  2. Ha! That’s fantastic mate!!

  3. It was a great night, lovely food, marvellous company. I had blokes coming up to me all night, giving me a little nudge and whispering “You’re in, mate, YOU’RE IN!!!”

    The fact that my predicament was acknowledge at the start of the night by the MC’s helped… “And don’t forget poor little Gruntski down on Table Thirty by himself with nine single women…ha ha ha”

  4. Gruntski – what can I say…You rock! 😀

  5. *blush*

    and despite what you may be thinking, I was exceptionally well behaved -FOR THE DURATION OF THE NIGHT. And didn’t offend anyone at all…

    For once….

    (I left my Angry Gruntski persona at home feeling sorry for itself)

  6. My hat is well and truly tipped!

  7. Although if you went home without a number, disregard my last comment.

  8. I left with eight email addresses…

  9. Good Job!!!!

  10. James Bond’s got nothin on you, babe…

  11. Nice! Good thinking.

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