So…Friday night…

12 March, 2007 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Well, Friday night was good. The food was good, the service was shit, and the company was good.

 And I was home, by myself, at 11pm.

But don’t feel bad; I did enjoy myself, had many scintillating conversations, and managed to not embarrass myself.

 The next night was better; I took the kids (and the ex-she helps control the kids) to SkyFire, which the “other” radio station put on to celebrate Canberra’s birthday. The fireworks were ok, but the high-point of the night was when an F111 Jet jet did a “dump and burn*” 100 feet away, over Lake Burley Griffin. Very spectacular, and VERY FUCKING LOUD!!! Anthony was jumping up and down, yelling and screaming, with his fingers stuffed so far into his ears that they nearly touched in the centre of his head. I was crouched down filming it with my shitty digital camera (on the wrong settings, of course) and Natasza has left finger prints in the top of my shoulders, when she grabbed hold and proceeded to grip the muscles between my neck and shoulders (I couldn’t be stuffed googling anatomy charts for the name of that muscle right now…).

 I may post the vid sometime in the future- but for now, it’s nigh nigh’s from me.

Sleep well….

* A dump and burn is not the result five hours after an extremely hot vindaloo, it’s when the jet dumps fuel as it’s flying, which then ignites, presenting a rather awesome tail of flame from said jet. And it stinks like all the worlds Zippo Lighters have just been emptied into the top pocket of your shirt.



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  1. I find it terribly hard t believe that *YOU* were unhappy with the service at an eatery…

  2. you see what I did there, with the subtle humour of saying something that was not true as if it were…

    I be clever now…

  3. I could have tipped them. I honestly thought about it. And then, I decided that to reward them for bad behaviour would just ensure more repeats of said behaviour. And others would suffer as a result of my largesse. So. For the greater good of humankind in the Canberra region, I refrained from tipping.

    Good on me.

  4. This is the time when we lament the demise of the old one-cent coins, because a one-cent tip speaks louder than many, many words.

    Glad you had a good time though mate, albeit sans root.

  5. Whaddaya mean, sans root? The potates were lovely, thanks!! I always say yes to a good root


    Except parsnips. Can’t stand that shit.

  6. lol!

    go forth sir, and get thee a back massage…

  7. Ahhh. if only that was an offer… No one in Canberra to do it, except the ex, and that ain’t gonna happen, LMTY!

  8. no can do, my dear…you’re almost in canberra! 😉

    go to and find a shiatsu or remedial practitioner

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