I’ve got a stye in my eye (lid)

13 March, 2007 at 10:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments

And now I think, I’m going to cry….


The bloodshot eye is a direct result of the stye, and not due to excessive alcohol compsuntion. yet. (haven’t had anything to drink today. )



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  1. Nice Stye! Never had one myself. How long do they usually last for?

  2. Howdy, Seebs. I think a few days- this one is in day two, and doesn’t seem to be getting smaller. It’s some kind of pimple, evidently. When it’s really bad, each time you blink feels like someone just dragged an over-sized grain of sand across your eyeball. It ain’t a fun experience.

  3. Have you tried rubbing it with an item (usually a ring) made from gold? I know it’s an old wives tale, but apparently there is some sort of chemical re-action and the stye reduces in size and eventually disappears.
    Of course, this will probably happen anyway!

  4. it can help to place a cooled teabag over the eye for 8-10 mins, several times per day

    sugary and starchy things are meant to feed stye bacteria, so avoid them till it’s all gone

    get well soon 🙂

  5. Apparently, if you hold you head in a bucket of water (preferably a gold bucket) for about an hour, you stop noticing the stye! Give it a try and let me know how you go.

  6. Thx, Optimus; I don’t have anything made of gold, unfortunately so that one will have to wait.

    And Vetti; I have never heard the teabag one, so will try that one out-thx!

    And Coops; I’ve got it all sorted. I just chopped my head off. So whilst the stye is not bothering me any more, I am just grateful I learnt to touch type.

  7. Apparently if you hold a high F# on your Gibson Les Paul for around 3 minutes, it should disappear over the course of the day.

  8. it hurts when i blink it’s only on my upper eyelid i don’t see any pimple on the out side but idk about the inside i’m kinda afraid to look i’m only 12 gonna be 13 soon and i’m sorta scared cause my cousin got one she had to get it surgically removed cause it lasted her 1-2 weeks then she got it on the other eye after she had it surgicallly removed from her right eye

  9. i have 1 like that but mine it white and my eye keeps wattering its bloody painful init “!

  10. and im 13 to

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  12. I get several like the one in your photo, i just run my fingernail over them (of course after you wash your hands) and poof its gone!

  13. Stye can be treated with antibiotics and also regularly cleaning the affected area. ”

    My own, personal blog page

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