Polocrosse-Yass style

19 March, 2007 at 6:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

This last weekend, I spent in Hall, a little country town adjacent to the ACT. Yass Polocrosse were hosts for a Polocrosse carnival, and two of the organisers live on the same farm as I do. So I went along.

Fun was had by all; and if you are even remotely into horses, and action sports, I recommend you check out a polocrosse competition. Four “Chuckers” (quarters) of 8 minutes each in standard competition, and the action is full-on.

It took me a little to understand the rules, but the sight of half a dozen horses galloping down a paddock, jostling each other at full tilt, whilst chasing a bouncy ball is a little awe-inspiring.

I was “recruited” to help out in the canteen, both during the day, and Saturday night, when there were a heap of folks looking for a feed. Not bad value, either. $12 got you a t-bone, two whole spuds, corn & peas, carrots, and the worlds best gravy (I was serving the gravy-it had to be good!!). And dessert (apple pie and ice cream).

 Entertainment was provided; a four piece band, who did really well, mixing covers with original numbers. Some tool from the crowd got up, and convinced them to let him play guitar with them. General consensus was that he’d had too much to drink.

I even drove to Yass on Sunday to pick up a friend of the two people mentioned above. She didn’t seem to appreciate my humour…


 Even after getting home on Sunday night, I was immensely grateful that today (Monday) is a public holiday (Canberra Day) for those that work in the ACT.

 And next time I go to a Polocrosse carnival, I will video some of the action for you to have a look at.

EDIT- I realised, after re-reading this, that the line above about getting home on Sunday night could be taken to indicate something untoward may have occured between “girl giving me the bird” and myself. Didn’t happen. If you read the line above the photo, it states that I picked Laura up from Yass Sunday morning. I then took her to the Polocrosse. And she’s 16,  for Gods sake… get your minds out of the gutter!!! (and how strange is that statement, coming from me…)

And I just re-read that last line about filming “some of the action for you to have a look at…”. You people are terrible!!!



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  1. Nice photo, my friend! Sounds like a nice $12 BBQ.

  2. It was nice- the meat was really well cooked. As in, the steak was medium-rare, but tasted great. Not, as in, the steak was well-done.

    If you know what I mean…??

  3. exactly – well-done steak is a waste of good flesh…

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