I love my radio station-Edit #2

21 March, 2007 at 9:10 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 7 Comments

Mix 106.3, one of the two ‘popular’ radio stations in Canberra has to be the best in the world, for me.

 Due to the relatively small population of Canberra (300k-ish), there is a much lower listener population, and therefore, a higher chance of winning their competitions.

 In Melbourne, Fox FM and Triple MMM have competitions worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. Here, the stakes are listed in the tens and hundreds, usually, with an occasional thousand dollar + prize winner.

Today, I won two tickets to see INXS when they play at the AIS Arena next Tuesday.

***UPDATE–23/03/07: I managed to also score an invite to “Lunch of the Month” as well- another (guess) $150-200 to the kitty… Three course meal, for two, including lots of glasses of wine… And when I said “I’d love to come, but I signed a thing saying I can’t enter any competitions for 60 days”, I was told not to worry, because this isn’t a competition, but an invitation.***

Here’s the prize list, so far:

“Mixclusive Preview” to see “Click”, starring Adam Sandler (two tickets, $30)

“Mixclusive Preview” to see “The Devil Wears Prada”, Starring Meryl Streep (two tickets, $30)

“Moonlight Movies”, as a VIP (washed out, but worth $50)

“The Works” CD, Jon Stevens ($30)

“Dixie Chicks” cd (Can’t remember the name, gave it away the same day I won it-($30))

“Richard Luton Properties Valentines Day Ball” (Ticket donated by The Home Loan Centre- $150)

The Bangles, Live (two tickets, $240- I never actually checked their value, but that’s what I was told)

INXS, Live (two tickets, $198).

** “Lunch of the Month” (two tickets, uncertain value, assume $175)**

Grand (amended) Total, $933. In two years.

Sure, I’d love to win a competition worth $10,000, but the chances of that happening are fairly slim. And I certainly can’t complain about what I have won so far from Mix.



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  1. You’re a damn lucky man! Remind me to go halves with you in a Lotto ticket next time I see you.

  2. Cheers, Mr A. Although, truth be told, I rarely buy lotto tickets. Maybe I should…

  3. Congrats! That is over a $1.00 a day they have given you just by listening to their station and entering their competitions.
    Now if you extrapolated that to ALL the radio stations by the number of their listening audience, I think you will find that you are far and away in front of the average Joe. The mind boggles at how much that works out to!

  4. @ Optimus- maybe I should get some high-gain antenna’s, and listen to fox fm, triple mmm and their Sydney counterparts as well… and a high-dial rate telephone, with auto dial. Then I could win some o’ them really big prizes.

    Or maybe I should just be happy with my dollar-a-day winnings. 🙂

  5. you’re a real mr.lucky…i’d be happy with that kind of hit rate-most i’ve ever won is $25 at the TAB!

  6. sweet! so who’s your date for lunch?

  7. Vetti… how to explain this useless decision.. Um.. the reason I got the invite is because I rang to tell them how I’d gone to buy a playstation, and came home with the playstation, TV and Washing Machine.

    This was on interest free terms, and my ex was the account holder for said terms. So when she heard me on the radio, she rang me and said that because she was involved in the purchase that resulted in me getting the invite, that she should come along.

    *bad decisions in the life of Gruntski*

    I said “sure”…

    Yup, I’m a dickhead.

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