It had to happen…

25 March, 2007 at 7:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

I am glad I have lived to see boganism make its come-back. The Age newspaper in Melbourne (online) publised this story, showing Melbournes fashionable are now turning to flannies and stove-pipe jeans to look the part. And paying shit-loads to do it. Admittedly, my skin tight dark blue faberge’s (with white stitching) are a thing of the past, and I have put on about fifty kilos since those days, but I am sure I can organise something with the flannies I have left over, to ensure I am considered one of the “fashionable few” next time I head down south…

 “These days, the most fashionable are forking out thousands of dollars on designer gear to look like fair dinkum, Victoria Bitter-swilling bogans.” (and I do it for $6.99 from Target…huh…)

 ’bout freakin’ time.



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  1. yes, uggly mega-dollar outfits for folks craving an authentic new look. mebbe you should request area 7’s nobody likes a bogan on yer fave radio station before it goes off-trend again?

  2. Deep down (and I mean DEEEEEEP) everyone loves a bogan. Or has loved one. Or was one. And, it shames me to say it (NOT) that I have never heard of that song.


    I think if they played that song in Yass, one of two things would happen;

    1- people’d be standing around the pub saying “wha’ th’ fucksa bogan?”
    2- There’d be a lynching at the radio station (Yass does have it’s own (community) radio station…Yass F.M., 100.3).

    And we (I) have rope…

  3. babe,
    the city bogan trend will last 5 minutes, but I’m pleased to hear the real deal is here to stay. Can’t confess to a bogan past, unless you count a few hot folks who only wore moccasins indoors 😉

  4. Bogans will always be in style.

  5. Hear Hear~!!!

  6. kiwi (bogan) Dave Snell has got a grant to do his PhD on “the everyday life of bogans: identity and community among heavy metal fans” at Waikato Uni – Odd Spot in The Age today 🙂

  7. Maybe I should offer my boganistic services…for a fee of course (that’s the bogan way, my dear!!)

  8. why not? mebbe he’ll take you on as an overseas consultant, and pay you in slabs…?

  9. you see so quickly to the heart of the matter… Can you get VB in NZ?

  10. yes, I have seen it over there…

  11. heh…I’m set!!

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