Easter 2007

8 April, 2007 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Kidlets | 3 Comments

Easter has been a fairly quiet affair this year, although the little darlings woke up at 6.30 this morning, keen to find all the eggs the discerning Easter Bunny had left around the house. And of course, they had to wake me up to do it!’

 So the easter egg hunt went quite well, with the kiddies very happy at the eggs left all around the house and surrounds. And to work off some of the additional energy gleaned from the consumption of the chocolate, we went into Canberra to go for a bike ride around Lake Burley Griffen. Anthony (3 yrs and two months) was the star of the show, riding his little push bike around (without training wheels) at a milllion miles an hour. At least that is how it seemed to him; the gearing on the bike is for ease of riding, rather than the achievement of speed. So based on the number of revolutions his pedals did, an adult would have travelled about 350 kilometres, pedal for pedal (well, maybe 50 kilometres).




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  1. And did the Easter Bunny leave anything for you??

  2. Yup, I managed to be given a few of Anthony’s germs (I now have his cold…) And apart from that, a few marshmallowy things from the kids (Chocolate gives me migraine headaches, which sucks big time)

  3. my mum got us a marshmallow-loaded rocky road egg…think i’m still spinning out from all the pink food colouring! get better soon…

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