Nokia, speech dyslexia, and three year old boys

15 April, 2007 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

On Saturday, I dropped my daughters ‘Magic Wand’ off at her house, because she had left it at mine last weekend. When I told her I had found it, it was immediately apparent that if she didn’t have it back in her care as soon as humanly possible, a great calamity would result.

Whilst delivering the Wand at my ex’s house, she (my ex) showed me some of the produce from her garden (Like pumpkins, and chillies, you terrible people!!!). Whilst in the kitchen of her house, my children were clamouring for my attention, and generally making a lot of noise.

The night before had been a bit of a special thing for the kiddies, as they got to enjoy some easter eggs, as well as some other “treat” foods.

I was in a conversation with Anthony, when he reached across the table, grabbed an almost-empty bag from the night before, and asked me “Daddy, d’you want some Cock Porn?”.

I just looked at him, my mouth slightly ajar.

“Sorry, Anthony, what did you say?”

” You want some Cock Porn?”

Whilst I tried (unsuccessfully) to stifle my laughter, I got my phone out, and proceeded to film him asking me if I wanted to eat some of his Cock Porn.

 So, I have a video of my son trying to say PopCorn, and failing, but due to Nokia Phones being “different”, I am unable to post the video.

 **Note to self- make sure the digital camera is in the car at ALL TIMES***

This is almost as funny as him saying “I (am) a girl, cos I got BOOBIES!!!”

Out of the mouths of babes… (and they say genetics has nothing to do with it!!!!)



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  1. LOL! This will make it v difficult to sell popcorn (without sniggering) at work tomorrow 🙂

  2. probably best not to post that kind of thing on the internet…
    kiddies… the p word… bad karma…

  3. Ahh- I see your point, but I have a video to prove no link to what you are suggesting. I just think it’s funny…

  4. That my friend would have been a worthy feature on YouTube. Pity you didn’t have a working camera handy!

  5. LOL and also sad that you are unable to post the video. Would loved to have seen it!
    Is it a “boy” thing do you think? This crunching of the English language.
    I recall another young boy who was complaining about the “arse-croppers” on his father’s farm. No matter how many times he tried, he could not say grass-hoppers.
    PS Camera in the car – no good. Must have in back-pocket at all times.

  6. muhaha!! that’s some god stuff 😀 😀

  7. Hah! 🙂

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