Anthony’s little speech impediment

28 April, 2007 at 7:10 pm | Posted in Kidlets | 5 Comments

You may recall I posted here about Anthony trying to say the word Popcorn. And not getting it right. I managed to film him with my digital camera attempting the same thing, with the same results.

I think it’s funny, and kinda cute, although some people may find the words coming out of a three year olds mouth a little offensive. All I can say in response is this- if, as a three year old, you had perfect control over the english language, precise enunciation, and understood what every word in the english language meant, you have a right to be upset. IF, however, you still can’t see the funny side of this video, I suggest you should consider treatment for your lack of humour.




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  1. oh, so cute! I met some “grown-ups” yesterday who speak much less precisely…

  2. “Cockporn” – destined to go down in history.

  3. A great web blog thanks for this info. I will tell a few friends about this site as its a great read.

  4. Vetti- Grown ups have a tendency to slur, when in their cups (I can vouch for this with tremendous experience)

    Mr Angry- I’d like to think that Anthony will leave his mark on the world one day, but just not for this….

    Darren- Glad you enjoyed the read: Feel free to send as many of your friends over to have a look as you would like!

  5. yeh – me too! but these folks hadn’t been drinking…

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