You know they’re growing up when….

1 May, 2007 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Kidlets | 4 Comments

they can defeat you with logic. And arguments you have used on them in the past.

Tonight is one of three nights a week when I get to talk to my children on the phone. Talking to Anthony (3 and bit years old) is sometimes trying, as he can’t seem to put into words what he did during the day, and there is always something to distract his attention. And I don’t believe in placing children in solitary confinement just to talk to me.

 Natasza (7 and a half years old) is quite the conversationalist, and most of the time I can have a quite mature conversation with her.

 Tonight I had finished talking with Anthony (who’s only piece of information that was volunteered was that another kid in childcare had hit him with a train- the rest of the conversation consisted of “yeah”, “I dunno” and “loveyoubye”), and had spent about 45 seconds talking to Natasza when she said “‘Dancing with The Stars’ is back on.”

In my manipulative Daddy’s way, I said “So, that’s more important than talking with me, is it..?”

“Well, Daddy, this is the GRAND FINAL, and I can talk with you any time!!!”

What could I say? I could hear the ex in the background saying, “You are supposed to be talking to your father, now, not watching the TV”, and I said that Natasza’s little statement was quite right.

After all, it’s the kind of statement that I make when I want her to do something….”you can watch that DVD anytime, but I need you to brush your teeth NOW!”



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  1. I think that course of action was very adult of you but I suggest that you don’t let her get away with it too often or it may turn into an automatic “right” that her wants and wishes have priority over yours!
    Kids will do that to you if they think they can get away with it. But parents have had more practice (when they were kids) at laying-on-the-guilt and usually get the last say in any matter.

  2. Thx Optimus- I caught up with the kids last night, and Natasza and I had a discussion about what to expect next time she tries it… 😉

  3. hey gruntski – I know yer a busy bloke n all, but can’t help noticing the lack of new posts…?

  4. I agree with Vetti! Pull ya finger out, Sunshine

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