Who says Australians don’t have a sense of humour?

23 May, 2007 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Yup- the newspapers are at it again.

 This time, there was a fire in a bondage and discipline centre in Fitzroy, a suburb in Melbourne.

According to “The Age” The MFB (Metropolitan Fire Brigade) issued a statement:

“MBF firefighters were tied up for some time but disciplined and controlled firefighting contained the blaze to one room on the second floor of the two storey building.”

I think that’s funny.



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  1. what a great story – how did i manage to miss that in my paper this morning? what’s the point of being a print journo if you can’t be witty every now and again, eh? strange that there was no “the firefighters were whipped into action by…” or “the firefighters were confronted by several hot mistresses, who…”

  2. You missed the headline…
    ‘Fire whips through bondage parlour’

  3. Hope you two liked the links (not really my thing, but, ya know…)

  4. I loved that story when I saw it. I wanted to see the story when they put out a fire at a dildo factory (I assume such things exist)

  5. 2 musclebound mates of mine were running a b&d shop, and some stupid drug-fucked bogan decided to try and rob them. they strapped him down, put a gag on him, then strolled off to call the police. how stupid was that guy?

  6. At least they had the right equipment on hand 😉

    And you’re right- that guy wins clusterfuck of the year award…

  7. he’ll probably try doing a 7-11 or video store next time, if he has any brains..

    so, when are you planning on visiting melb? btw gizo et moi, we’ll put out ye olde welcome mat 🙂

  8. Soon, I hope- still trying to sort out the work requirement for me to come down- looks like in a week or two (maybe three)

    And I like mats. Gym mats, door mats, welcome mats… I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!

  9. even olde ones…. 😉

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