Where have I been?

28 June, 2007 at 9:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Sorry, world, but I have been incredibly lazy lately; I have no excuse.

¬†And today’s post is going to be rather brief also.

I came to Melbournia last week, and had a very busy time with work, but still managed to catch up with some friends over the duration of the week.

I saw most of my fambly, notable exception being my sister- there is a story there, but not one for general dissemination.

I also saw my step-grandmother, who is quite ill, and it doesn’t look like she has long left to live.

And that sucks. A woman who has spent all her life on “the farm”, raising five boys and one girl in the sandy hills of the Mallee (near Mildura, Victoria). She worked hard, never smoked in her life, probably had two standard drinks during the course of her life, and managed to raise the family, for a fair bit of it, on her own.

Tough as old boots, is Grandma. Yet now, she can’t remember where she is, who anyone else is, or what time it is (year, week, date, etc).

It’s really hard to watch someone who’s been a consistent (yet not constant) part of your life humbled like that.

I spent more than a few school holidays up at the farm, slashing paddocks, (occasionally) picking fruit, and also going through the growing up “I AM AN ASSHOLE” stage (where running away seemed like the good thing to do, regardless of anything else).

Yet, through it all, I have respected Grandma.

I know that members of my family will read this, and I know that some of them may question the use of my time to talk about my Step-Grandmother in this way.

 Regardless of the pre-noun(?), my thoughts are the same- this woman is, and always has been the Matriach of the Brown family, who never turned anyone away, and always did the best job that she knew how to do.

So, to Grandma, know that regardless of what happens, there is always a place for you in my heart- I know I had an effect on your life, yet now it’s too late to show you the effect you had on mine.

And for that, I am sad.


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