So sorry….

8 December, 2007 at 10:43 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 3 Comments

Ahhh- the laziest (NOT!) blog poster in the southern hemisphere.

Yet there is so much information that I could impart….. if I wanted to.

Abbreviated version:

 I still love my job, although I have been told that in 18 months, Special Needs User Support will be outsourced for the department- and that sucks (I won’t get the sack- I’m a public servant… buI have to find something else to do)

Natasza and Anthony are going great guns- here’s some vids of Tasz on a horse- her first experience at trotting…:

 I have been asked to audition for another musical, by the guy who directed The Full Monty- evidently he has a role picked out for me,  so I could hardly say no…( The role he has picked out is for the Tour Manager, evidently a bit of an asshole… (type-cast again…).

 I went out last night for a Christmas Partyt, drank WAY too much, and am paying for it now (although I don’t know what happened to my commitment never to drink again… several beers later….)

I bought myself a new car (Ford Territory, AWD, with all the bells and whistles, and it drinks twice as much as my Pulsar did, although it’s alot more fun to drive….)

Bought a tent, and sleeping bags, and hope to take the kids camping sometime early next year (am getting a portable BBQ for christmas (thanks mum)) and need to buy some camp stretchers (Yes, I’d be happy with a swag, but trying to convince my kids that sleeping with huntsman spiders is a good thing may take some doing).

Looking forward to Christmas- coming to Melbourne for a week and a bit, but will probably be back here for New Years- maybe I’ll get back into the horse riding thing again (yes I know that I said I was going to stick with it, but when the sun goes down at 5pm, and I’m not home till 6pm makes it a bit hard… and then there’s the fact that that was the middle of winter, and we are now well into summer, and also the fact that I am a scaredy cat).. (I will hopefully be forced to (re) learn to ride with Tasz, as it looks like she’s gonna be on my case to take her riding every time she comes out here…)



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  1. hey gruntski, the silly season means the time of year when people offer you loads of alcohol, food, and gifts, and you’d be silly to refuse. works for me…get in touch when yer coming to melb?

  2. +1. See you soon…

  3. See you in Melbs mate. Bring smokes!

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