Christmas Break

6 January, 2008 at 7:12 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 4 Comments

Howdy folks- I hope that you have all had a great Christmas/New Years, and wish you all the best in ’08.

I went to Melbournia for Christmas- had a great time, although I feel like I spent all of it behind the wheel of my car (lots of driving from one side of Melbourne to the other, and all points in between). On Boxing Day, I went to my Step Grandmothers farm near Mildura. As Grandma has passed away, the likelyhood of the farm being sold off is fairly high: I have some great memories (and some not so great) of spending time at the farm when I was a kid, and I should have spent more time there as an adult (fuckin’ hindsight…..).

Anyway, I was there for about five days, with two of my cousins and four of their mates, did lots of fishing, some fourwheeling in my new (ish) Territory,  drank lots of beer and did some work around the farm (with no-one living there, everyone kind of pitches in and does what needs doing when they go up- and I’ve always loved driving the tractor…).

Here’s some pictures and vids of my Christmas Break (double clicking will open them in a new window, full size).

Warrick’s Murray Cod, caught on Boxing Day

Stumpy Tail Lizard I nearly ran over with the slasher…

Things I probably shouldn’t do with my car…. but I can’t help myself…(nothing changes, hey Giz?)

Another shot of me abusing my poor car…

Me slashing between the orange trees


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