Oh Dear… The time it does fly…

1 June, 2008 at 6:48 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 3 Comments

Howdy, folks, (I wrote this ages ago, but forgot to post it… I’ll put some more recent stuff on the site shortly)

so much has been happening since the last time I wrote, I just don’t know where to start.

Maybe if I start at the most recent stuff, and go backwards, I might cover off all the semi-important shit… Maybe.

I’m in another musical production- this one opens on the 9th of May at the Australian National University Arts Centre. It’s a fully-staged musical of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. And let me tell you, it fucking weird.

There’s no dialogue, really- the entirety of the show is the music from Pink Floyd, but with numerous people singing various lines, therefore creating the “story” of one night in the life of a Rock Star (Pink).

I have no idea what drugs they were on when they wrote the stuff for this album- but I wouldn’t mind trying ’em (so responsible, am I).

We’ve been rehearsing since February, and truth be told, I think we are over rehearsed for this. I’m not saying that I think we have perfected the show, just that the last few rehearsals have been fairly flat, and lacking some enthusiasm, because we are going over the same old stuff again and again.

For the most part, the cast gets on really well, but as with most things like this, there are a couple of personal issues between a few people (ego’s in something like this can be fairly large, and there’s the usual clash of personalities).

I have a few roles, one is a half of a “War Couple” (I’m being convinced to go off to WWII), also a security guard (who gets (inferred) oral sex on stage- but I’m not allowed to pull any “O” Faces… I’ve been told to look more “blown away”…. excuse the pun).

I’m also the bailiff in a court scene… it really is weirdshit, definitely not your usual run-o’-the-mill tap-dancing type musical…


I went back to Mildura over the Easterbreak, and took the kids with me. I bought them a little motorbike (off e-bay), which the kids had a great time riding around the farm on. Anthony can’t actually stop the bike and hold it up by himself, so he has to ride the bike towards me, and I grab the handlebars and stop the bike from falling on him…. but he loves riding around the paddocks in first gear (I won’t let him change gears at this stage- the thing gets up to nearly 60 k’s an hour in fourth gear, so if I show him how to change to second, he’ll also take it on himself to change to third and fourth.)

Managed to squeeze in some fishing (caught bugger-all…), some drinking and some motorbike riding of my own (borrowed my next door neighbours two stroke Honda… lots of fun)

I have a new job- same location and organisation, but different role- I am now the National OH & S Advisor.

Not sure if that’s a good move or not, yet- still early days, but the workload thus far looks fairly intimidating.




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  1. Hey busy man. I’ve seen the film version of “The Wall” so I have an idea of the wackiness involved. Either you or the audience should drop acid before the show 😉

  2. Dude… it was suggested… This show was only related to the movie by the music- the rest was very dark… I’ll do a post about the show specifically at some stage in the near future, including some photos..

  3. hey it’s got the official ok of roger waters so it must at least “infer” freaky weirdness…

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