Question time….

4 June, 2008 at 7:57 pm | Posted in General Stuff | 6 Comments

Well… decisions decisions…

For my next foray into musical theatre, should I opt for “The Wedding Singer”, or go with a different production company, and audition for “Pirates of Penzance”….

(the decision may be moot- the main roles in The Wedding Singer are for 20 somethings… I left that behind about 70 years ago (it seems))…




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  1. G – the oldest actors/tresses i have ever seen on stage played schoolmaids in mikado and shipmates in pirates – and not very convincingly at that. have a bash @ the wedding singer…

  2. Is this a real question?

    Surely, the answer is obvious.. better far to live and die, my friend..

  3. gizo does have a point – as long as you get to play a pirate, g&s would be a lot of fun…

  4. Pirates of Penzance sound better. You get to plaster a beard on your face and spill blood whenever you feel like it. Joy of joys!

  5. Wedding singer or pirate? Not much competition there. The pirate wins – hands down. But the wedding singer might be more of a challenge.

  6. What are you up to Gruntski? I used to check your blog everyday, now, nothing? 😦

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